Tax Services

Investment Planning

In accordance to OECD guidance, the worldwide tax authorities are cooperating with each other to be more transparency by exchanging financial information of their local taxpayers. The trend from primarily dealing with Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department in the past to extending our services to international level for our multi-national clients.

To cater for the market need, we have developed our team and are experienced in handling tax group structuring and tax planning as well as documentation. We assisted our client on tax issue to reduce their tax burden and risk as well as on tax challenges proposed by the tax authorities.

We acknowledge that clients are actively approaching in tax advisors position to their tax responsibilities from tax perspective and exploring better tax planning opportunities to minimize any risks. We, a specialized tax team with professionals experienced in wide range of taxation areas, can assist you in the following areas:


  • Profits Tax;
  • Salaries Tax; and
  • Property Tax.

Hong Kong Tax compliance

  • All administrative work for IRD documents
  • Handling the enquiry letter from IRD
  • Sit in tax representative

Application of Certificate of Tax Resident Status (Corporate and Individual)

Other supporting services

  • Due Diligence, etc

Field Audit and Tax Investigation